Lies & Love

During Tech Week of a new play written by their teacher, a love triangle blooms between seniors Mandy Carter, Mitch Nelson & Dave Miller. When Mitch tells a lie, it gets way out of hand and dangerous. This leads to themes of loneliness, friendship, secrets and, ultimately, love. Through the lies, people reveal who they really are and the truth isn't always pretty.
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Lies & Love

Character Information

  • Amanda “Mandy” Carter
    Falls in love with Dave. Best Friends with Faith. Smart and cute. Loves theatre with all her heart. Plays Janet in the show.
  • Mitchell “Mitch” Nelson
    Falls in love with Mandy. Best Friends with Wes. Quirky and Awkward. Likes to write and listen to music. Plays Robert in the show.
  • David “Dave” Miller
    Falls in love with Mandy. Hard worker and sometimes a little hotheaded. Plays Max in the show.
  • Faith Murray
    Best Friends with Mandy. Real and intimate. Badass, a “don’t mess with me or my friends” type of person. Plays Janet’s Mother in the show.
  • Wesley “Wes” Adams
    Sound Guy in the show. Sudo-narrator of the show. Best Friends with Mitch. Funny and Witty. Not a fan of “theatre people.”
  • Mr./Mrs. Peter/Paula Duncan
    High School Drama Teacher. Tries very hard to be hip with the kids. Could be played by either gender.
  • Todd McMahon
    Lighting Guy in the show. Doesn’t appear onstage. Quiet. Works the lights.

Development History

  • Reading
    Baldwin Wallace University

Production History

  • Professional
    Hudson Guild Theater


Best Play
NY Winterfest