[full length] TYA. As a group of high schoolers rehearses for a production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, they come to realize what’s really important.

“One must be serious about something if one wants to have any amusement in life.” - Oscar Wilde, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST
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Recommended by

  • Matt Harmon:
    14 Feb. 2023
    This is one of my favorite plays I have read in an incredibly long time. Everyone (educator or not) needs to read this script and help high schoolers find solace in Accuardi's words.
  • Rich Rubin:
    16 May. 2022
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this! So smart, so funny ... though truly chilling here and there, like real life. Absolutely pitch-perfect for a high-school cast. Brilliantly constructed satire with a big heart and a compelling, uplifting message. Very deserving of wide production. Brava!
  • Nick Malakhow:
    4 May. 2021
    I absolutely adore this piece! It's a play that would definitely ring true for any drama kid, but I think it would also resonate with a wide range of people with its universal themes of belonging, outsidership, coming of age, and the complex constellation of relationships that come with adolescence. Accuardi treats all of these characters with a depth and sensitivity rarely afforded to such a large ensemble of teens and, as a large cast play, this would be a stellar choice for a high school theater program. The dialogue is funny, poignant, and pitch-perfect.

Character Information

  • DREW
    In 11th grade. Got the part of John (Jack) Worthing.
    In 12th grade. Got the part of Algernon Moncrieff.
    In 12th grade. Got the part of Gwendolyn Fairfax.
    In 10th grade. Got the part of Cecily Cardew.
    In 11th grade. Got the part of Lady Bracknell.
  • SAGE
    In 11th grade. Got the part of Miss Prism.
    In 10th grade. Got the part of Rev. Canon Chasuble.
  • EVAN
    In 10th grade. Got the part of Lane.
    In 9th grade. Got the part of Merriman.
    In 12th grade. Got the part of... the under butler? What?
    In 11th grade. The props master.
  • NICO
    In 11th grade. The stage manger.
  • KAI
    In 12th grade. The costumer.
  • VICK
    In 12th grade. The student director.
    In 9th grade. Crew.
    In 10th grade. Crew.
    In 11th grade. An outsider. Dating Jules.

Development History

  • Commission
    Franklin High School in collaboration with Teen West Theatre Project