THAT'S HOW I LIE (one-act)

Justin Beaver, desperate to further separate himself from the homogenous cesspool of his fellow pop stars, hacks off his own arm to become an untouchable one-armed icon. When he wakes up in a dark kitchen with a blowtorch-wielding old woman, Justin must face the darkest of all his demons. Reality bites.
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THAT'S HOW I LIE (one-act)

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    19 Jul. 2020
    An eye opening piece about the dangers of fame and striving for ultimate perfection. Well done.
  • Bryan Stubbles:
    23 Apr. 2018
    Intelligent, observant, funny and sharp satire. Maestri paints a very pop culture flood of hedonistic ravages. Absolutely brilliant, readable and accessible. More productions, please.

Production History

  • University
    The Catholic University of America