cara has a hole in her head

A camp for people who have survived shootings. It has all the regular camp stuff, like tie-dye and fireside sing alongs, and some of the nonregular stuff, like the terror of a guiltful existence.
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cara has a hole in her head

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  • Michael Aman:
    30 Aug. 2020
    This is a very clever play that shows two people who've been traumatized, but don't wallow. The language stretches to poetry at times, but still feels very real. I highly recommend "Cara has a hold in her head."
  • Nathan Christopher:
    29 Aug. 2020
    This is an incredibly satisfying play -- the characters are 3D, the setting is perfect, and the balance between despair and humor is right on. This is a unique take on who we are and what we do to each other told in a pleasingly macabre and tender way.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    19 Aug. 2020
    The thing I appreciate most about "cara has a hole in her head" is how matter of fact this play is. It is dark and hilarious and contains so many levels of pain, but these are the facts of life for the characters and that makes the dark parts so so so much darker. It's Unsettling. I very much enjoyed reading it. I think it would be excellent in production.


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