Lost in Place: Rhonda & Danielle

One Act (~10 mins). Two or more years into a world-wide pandemic, next door neighbors, Rhonda and Danielle, gossip with one another while dealing with the loss of their significant others. Part of the Lost In Place Anthology.
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Lost in Place: Rhonda & Danielle

Recommended by

  • John Busser:
    22 Apr. 2021
    In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, two women discuss matters of importance that aren't really important at all in the face of things. A wonderful play about how we deal with our place in the world, Craig Houk has created a terrific piece for two actresses.
  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    18 Apr. 2021
    There is a subliminal rhythm to this and the other "Lost in Place" plays: the inexorable progression of the inevitable. Rhonda and Danielle talk about life and death in a way that friends talk about everyday things like doing laundry or putting out the recycling. Has the pandemic numbed us to such things as death, suicide, and the passing of millions, or have we always been like this about unfathomable things? Is this how we cope with the moment, or is this the underlying foundation of how we survive? That is the power of this story.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    5 Apr. 2021
    The beautiful sadness of this play will linger with me for a long time. We see two neighbors going through the motions in a world empty of life and meaning. And it seems they're starting to wake from the haze of tragedy and make small decisions that will have huge impacts on their day to day existences. So heartbreaking and so terrifyingly relatable.

Character Information

    Late 50s,
    American (any race)
    Any (but likely Caucasian)