Mother Earth Day

In the midst of the most harrowing trade war the American farming community has ever seen, an aging and injured black farmer and his two sons struggle with how to best pass on their family's legacy to the next generation while awaiting the long anticipated news of Mother Earth's yearly delivery.

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Mother Earth Day

Recommended by

  • Lainie Vansant:
    16 Aug. 2021
    A heartbreaking conversation between Black men about heritage, legacy, and struggles coming at you from all sides. This play presents a no-win situation, a miracle, a family -- all wrapped up in the poetry of a bead of sweat. If you're looking for a play that tackles both climate change and racial injustice, this might just be it!
  • Veronica Tjioe:
    8 Aug. 2021
    A really effective use of world building as metaphor. So many themes and injustices are packed into this short play, it feels full and rich while being concise and compact.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    5 Aug. 2021
    The rules of this world are not fully explained but it's better this way. This play is about these characters and how they view family and legacy differently.

Character Information

  • Farmer Howard
    4th generation farmer. Owner of The Harrington Family Farm. Walks with a cane.
  • Lenny
    5th generation farmer. Son of Farmer Howard.
  • Greg
    Son of Farmer Howard. Currently in business school.
  • Mother Earth/Nurse
    Any Age

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