Tethered: Edwin & Abigail

One Act (~10 mins). On the eve of his confirmation to SCOTUS, Edwin Spratt and his wife, Abigail, sit down for an intimate dinner that quickly turns contentious. Edwin has been accused of sexual assault. He can prove his innocence, but it would require revealing a secret that would anger his supporters and put his career and reputation at stake. Companion piece to Tethered: Addison & Eleonore.
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Tethered: Edwin & Abigail

Recommended by

  • Andrew Martineau:
    14 May. 2021
    The intersection of public and private spaces in the political lives of the married couples who inhabit those spaces is revealed in sad, caustic dialogue in this smartly written short drama. How often have we seen the pained expressions of a wife of a politician in the hot seat standing behind him during a televised press conference and wonder what was happening behind closed doors? Craig Houk shows us such a scene with brilliant subtlety. The last line gave me chills. Bravo!
  • Ryan Kaminski:
    11 May. 2021
    A really gripping short play. I love the relationship between the two characters and how Craig Houk saves the big revelations for the final moments. Well done!
  • Alice Josephs:
    11 Apr. 2021
    A judge and his socialite wife sit down to dinner the evening before his political appointment to the Supreme Court. Like its companion piece, Addison & Eleanore, sparely economic dialogue and imagery builds up a dislocated world where ruthless ambition overrides natural human relationships and even gender differences. An intriguing and disturbing piece where superficial proprieties mask violent thoughts and actions.

Character Information

  • Edwin Spratt
    Late 40s,
  • Abigail Spratt
    Early 40s,

Development History

  • Reading
    Adventure Theatre MTC, District Dramatists & 4615 Theatre Company