Crossover Fiction

10 MINUTE - A sci-fi heroine takes a journey into a strange new world... Earth!

CROSSOVER FICTION is a 10 minute Sci-Fi romp which asks what happens when the ulimate barrier is breached, the boundary between fiction and reality.
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Crossover Fiction

Recommended by

  • Paul Donnelly:
    20 Apr. 2019
    Crossover Fiction is truly as billed a Sci-Fi romp, with emphasis on the romp as a fictional character comes face to face with her creator. To say that she is unappreciative of his efforts would be an understatement, but it would be difficult not to appreciate Greg Lam's efforts in creating this marvelous comedic gem.
  • Irene L. Pynn:
    2 Apr. 2019
    Crossover Fiction is a fun science fiction romp with a twist that will leave audiences both laughing and thinking. The characters' voices are clearly realized, and the classic science fiction tropes are used lightly to build the world without leaving anyone behind.

Character Information

  • Thom Cord
    Science Fiction author, but kind of over it.
  • Maximus Wolfe
    Male, but honestly not important.
    A science fiction villain with all the fixings.
  • Josie Moon
    Your typical Psychic Alien Cyborg Detective, protagonist of a science fiction series of novels.

Development History

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    Best of All Possible Podcast