Recommended by MJ Halberstadt

  • Winter People
    6 Jun. 2019
    Oh I just love a play that MUST be a play -- and this absolutely is. This play uses a vocabulary of theatrical deceptive-simplicity to paint a very full-feeling portrait of a complex and fractured community. Thematically rich and urgent, and full of fantastic scenes all worthy of thorough study.
  • String Around My Finger
    25 Aug. 2017
    Withers' play covers so much emotional ground organically and honestly, and manages to be both heartbreaking and uplifting at once. She has created tremendously funny portraits in Lisa and Dave, but one's attention really is drawn to Emma and Kip, whose dilemma yields one of the most surprising outcomes of all -- mutual understanding.
  • La Llorona
    29 Jun. 2017
    This is one of those plays that is so much more than it "is". Cecelia creates a hugely successful theme-driven piece that flirts with infinity as it touches on the universality of a myth and its many permutations, demonstrating that the real multi-headed, hundred language-speaking demon is oppression itself.
  • Community
    29 Jun. 2017
    This play is a symphony of some of the cleverest moments of misunderstanding, microaggression, and metatheatre I've encountered. How funny (and sad) that the play wound up being so accidentally prescient and intuitive, given its plot. Wouldn't it be nice to plug this into a season when the Albee estate yanks the rights to "Who's Afraid"?