Recommended by Stephanie Neuerburg

  • The Excavation of Mary Anning
    6 Oct. 2019
    Just spent the evening reading this play aloud with a group of friends - we were so taken by its humor, heart, ambition! So many exciting opportunities for performance and storytelling, could be perfect for college theatre programs and beyond. I love!!!
  • The Moors
    11 Jul. 2019
    THE MOORS is terrifying, romantic, and hilarious. Like any great classic, the landscape & setting becomes just as much a character as the people (and animals) who inhabit it. This piece combines mystery, first love, and philosophy into a Gothic masterpiece the Brontës WISH they had written.
  • #GodHatesYou
    11 Jul. 2019
    I might be a little biased, having acted in a reading of this script earlier this year at the Ashland New Plays Festival, but I love love LOVE this play. Was in tears at the end of my first reading. An incredible exploration of faith and the shortcomings of its institution and the power of social media. The characters' actions are incredulous at times but they are (sometimes surprisingly) sympathetic. I feel like I have been waiting for this play for a very long time. Thank you Emily!
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    11 Jul. 2019
    Belflower's play explores friendship, inherent trust in authority figures (esp as a young person), what to do when someone we love does the Worst thing, sex ed in schools. The dialogue is quick and natural, the conflict subtle but unnerving. As an avid fan of The Crucible, I was totally taken in by my teachers' insistence that John Proctor is the Hero and loved to see this exploration of the power of women both in Miller's and Belflower's pieces.
  • The Found Dog Ribbon Dance
    3 Jul. 2019
    This is one of my favorite plays ever. Had the thrill of seeing a reading at the 2015 MFA Playwright's Conference in DC and fell in love with Dominic's devastatingly lovely play. I recommend it to everyone I know. The piece is lyrical, heart-warming, surprising, with excellent roles for actors of all ages.
  • How Sweet The Sound
    3 Jul. 2019
    Wow wow wow. Bizarre, chilling, terrible, lovely - one of the most engaging scripts I have read in a long time. Can see myself coming back to this again and again. The characters are fascinating and tragic, the conflict twisted and dark. Just the right blend of fantasy / horror / history that I have been searching for for so long.
  • How To Destroy An American Girl Doll
    3 Jul. 2019
    I really enjoyed this play - presents eating disorders with nuance and compassion. The relationships are complex and dynamic. Worth a second, third read - would love to see produced.
  • Admittance: A Letter to Northwestern University
    3 Jul. 2019
    Super charming short play with two great roles for young women. Relatable and fun - great conversational dialogue and a realistic friendship.
  • Sable and the Forest
    16 Apr. 2018
    Sable and the Forest is an exciting sort of fairytale that feels brand new and familiar all at once. The dialogue is sharp and specific and creates an incredibly vivid universe. READ THIS PLAY.