Recommended by Rich Espey

  • The Insidious Impact of Anton
    13 Aug. 2015
    We've all been in Francesca's shoes (or we all will be), and watching her navigate this patch of her life in a funny and theatrical play is a real pleasure.
  • The Roommate
    4 Aug. 2015
    A funny and beautiful story about the joys and the terrors of personal reinvention and of opening yourself up to the new and unknown. Sharon's journey is part inspiration, part cautionary tale. It's wonderful to get to know and love two such different women so fully in such a tidy little play.
  • Neon Glowing New
    4 Aug. 2015
    A wonderful, funny, surprising, short play that upends traditional parent-child drama.
  • happiness (and other reasons to die)
    30 Jun. 2015
    A beautiful, funny play that reminds us all that even if you feel you are at the end...Keep Going!