Recommended by Robert Lynn

  • Date with Death
    5 Dec. 2019
    Thank God for comedies. Funny, irreverent, and with a kernel of truth, this is 10-minutes that just lets you laugh and have fun.
  • Closing Doors
    5 Dec. 2019
    We think we have answers. But when we're left with uncomfortable choices, we're not so sure. This play gets right in the middle of issues that don't neatly overlap--protecting our children, security theatre, assessing the risks to the many to save the one. This is the world we live in now, and John Minigan shows us just how hard it is.
  • That Heroic Age
    16 Nov. 2019
    Brash and fearless, Goldner delivers another hilarious ten-minute romp.
  • A Doll's Wife
    9 Nov. 2019
    You think this is just about a fun what-if of Ken and Barbie coming to life, but it is so much more than that. It's about expressing yourself and not accepting roles that society puts on you, and deciding that you will be the one who defines who you are. A comedy that is more than a comedy. Loved it.
  • You Haven't Changed A Bit
    3 Oct. 2019
    I love that Len has carried a torch for Lottie for 70+ years. After all that time, he's still gonna take it slow. Dinner? Beautifully played, Len (and Donna).
  • Before the Morning Rush
    21 Sep. 2019
    This slice of American Heartland goes right for the heart, and leaves us too soon. We want to watch how this relationship develops, but, alas, see only the beginning. Well done.
  • The Kiss (a ten minute play)
    7 Sep. 2019
    The right kiss can get you out of the friendzone. But is that what you want? A sweet, funny mismatched affections two-hander that shows why Levine is the master of the 10-minute play.
  • The Rental (a ten minute play)
    9 Jun. 2019
    Mark Harvey Levine maximizes stage time, packing an entire relationship into 10 minutes, slyly teaching us what's important in a relationship and what's important about ourselves, after he has softened us up with a liberal application of laughter.
  • Sock Puppet Fetish Noir
    12 May. 2019
    Fun. This seemingly absurd comedy eventually leaves us thinking, "Okay. Now, I get it. These two belong together," and that speaks to the writing ability of Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos. And there are plenty of laughs along the way.
  • Bazookas
    20 Apr. 2019
    Another gem from the creative, free-range mind of a very funny playwright. Goldner is not afraid to address any issue with aplomb and humor. What I like most is this is a concept that would never occur to most people, but Goldner takes it and runs with it in her signature rapid-fire comedy style.