Recommended by Robert Lynn

  • The Thought Doesn't Count
    24 Sep. 2018
    The things we don't talk about still make their presence felt. And when the pain of that presence becomes too great, we have to talk about them. As Hageman shows us, there may not be a perfect time for this, but getting it all out there allows love to propel us past the pain. A beautiful piece about a young couple allowing their love to get them through the tough times.
  • Character Arc
    23 Sep. 2018
    There is so much more story here than a one-act can hold. Emily Hageman shines in her portrayal of the difficult family relationships when dealing with Alzheimers. And if the relationships were difficult before that...? None of us are one thing. We are a mixture of many, often contradictory things. Hageman's play highlights our state of being and gives us a play that stays with us.
  • The Heinrich Maneuver (a ten minute play)
    31 Jul. 2018
    A silly, funny romp. Just go with it, and you'll be glad you did.
    30 Jul. 2018
    Funny and sad at the same time, displaying the classic mastery of the form that Asher Wyndham possesses. Sandy walks us through the indignities of life at a supercenter. The audience participation will add to the fun with this one.
    30 Jul. 2018
    Asher Wyndham has proven himself a master of the monologue and this collection showcases that talent. There are many people across the country with many different struggles, and Asher gives a few of them a voice.
  • Cabfare For The Common Man (a ten minute play)
    23 Jul. 2018
    A wonderful blend of comedy and lessons about life. MHL takes you far in only ten minutes.
    23 Jul. 2018
    How do you take on our unquestioned cultural beliefs? With humor, of course, and Ben Schroth nails it in this short on exactly where our rituals and beliefs about Christmas come from.
  • Natural Shocks - A One Woman Play in a Tornado
    5 Jul. 2018
    With She as our unreliable narrator, we learn the truth a bit at a time. We understand the lies as we learn the truths. As She finally faces her storm, we have come to fully understand and sympathize with this woman. But the storm is too strong, leaving us only to take away what we can--what must be done to stop so many storms from inflicting their damage. A powerful piece.
    28 Jun. 2018
    Asher Wyndham's pieces are so authentic sounding that you are riveted to the page. I suspect were I to see one performed, the effect would be even greater. Disturbing and genuine, Asher has introduced me to another character I hope is pure fiction, but I suspect is all too common in our world.
  • Death of a Snowman
    28 Jun. 2018
    What better way to get us to consider our mortality than to use the tenuous existence of a snowman? Both funny and sweet, Death of a Snowman tackles some tough questions in only ten minutes. Well done.