Recommended by Robert Lynn

    28 Jun. 2018
    In a classic teen vacation meltdown, Asher Wyndham has us picturing the entire scene just through one person's words. This is a monologue craftsman at work, creating a world through one person and balancing humor with saying something meaningful. That this message comes from a teen and not the parents makes it all the more poignant.
    13 Jun. 2018
    Saw this at Lakeshore Players Theatre's 10-Minute Play Festival. Does Kayla have anyone on her side? This one kept me spinning, as things get worse and worse for Kayla. An all-to-common mom keeps Kayla cringing and the audience laughing. We all have mother issues and can relate to Kayla's plight, and her best girlfriend and her boyfriend are not helping the situation.
  • Every Seven Minutes
    13 Jun. 2018
    Saw this at the Lakeshore Players Theatre 10-minute Play Festival. Funny, with some great lines. Makes you think about work and life itself. An enjoyable play that would fit into any 10-minute showcase.
  • The Biography of Saints
    11 Jun. 2018
    Sharon Goldner again displays how any topic is suitable for an infusion of humor. With wit and style, Goldner delivers again in this implausible but captivating story of a dying woman visited by the woman her ex cheated with, much to the chagrin of her daughter. When you read a Goldner play, you know you're in for some sharp-tongued characters battling it out while you sit back and laugh and think.
  • Pay It Backward
    11 Jun. 2018
    Read it, then saw it performed at the Lakeshore Players Theatre's 14th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival. In only 10 minutes, Donna Hoke got me thinking about the nature of doing good, and I'm still thinking about it. Does it matter why we do good, or is it enough that we do? It is a well-crafted play that can affect you long after it's over.
  • Suicide Hotline
    7 Jun. 2018
    We don't know why the caller is contemplating suicide. All we eventually know is that the man he mistaken calls is in a worse way than he is. Maybe these two can help each other work their way back. McBurnette-Andronicos's deft touch shows that there are no off-limits subjects for comedy. She makes the characters believable, and with that, she can take the play anywhere she wants to go.
  • Go Ask D'Alice
    28 May. 2018
    You laugh, and then you move beyond that into an understanding of the depth of lonliness and loss. Extreme emotions lead to extreme coping mechanisms. And in the end, if you're fortunate enough to have a Teresa in your life, there is hope. A wonderful play that takes you through laughter to understanding and sympathy.
  • Cottonmouth
    28 May. 2018
    I love stories like this, where a character tells you one thing, but you know somethings else to be true. Captivatingly theatrical, this is one of those plays that are hard to shake.
  • Jornada del Muerto
    26 May. 2018
    An instant relationship develops between these two characters, and by the end, we're wanting them to stay together. Leaves us wanting more, as all good plays do.
  • Rules of Comedy
    12 May. 2018
    In every situation in life, you're either the student or the teacher. And even when you're the teacher, you're the student. These two have a lot to learn from each other. As we see that process beginning, we are left wanting for more. A delightful, romantic relationship has begun in a most unusual way.