Recommended by J. Julian Christopher

  • Prisoner Tongues
    20 Jan. 2020
    The most compelling part of the play is the deconstruction of the female characters from Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet. Espinosa manages to re-center these characters from a female perspective, particularly from a Latina perspective to add even more beautiful complexity. Wonderfully sharp and expansive.
  • The Mr. Rogers Dildo Club
    2 Oct. 2019
    A slice of kink life. I really appreciated it's boldness and frank discussion of the kink world that tends to be sanitized. This play was unfiltered and raw.
  • Wolves At The Door
    5 Sep. 2019
    After reading this play, I was completely gutted. A harrowing examination of America's psychology in the wake of repeated gun violence. The play is bold, confrontational while still managing to be tender and sensitive. An absolute gem of a play.
  • Flashes & Floaters
    19 Jun. 2019
    This beautiful play effortlessly examines the push and pull of starting a career and being a caretaker for an ailing parent. It's honesty is both equal parts touching and brutally painful. This is masterful writing.
    5 Jan. 2019
    I could not put this play down. What a ride! White History stayed with me for a good week. I would love to see a production of it soon. Dave Harris has a fresh and incredibly provocative satirical voice.
  • Bless You
    16 Dec. 2018
    If you are looking to read a perfect 10-minute play, then look no further... Fully realized characters and a perfectly crafted build to surprising climax.
  • Winter People
    9 Dec. 2018
    A beautiful play exploring the intersectionality of class and race of The Hamptons, Long Island. Touching and smartly written.
    8 Nov. 2018
    Wow. STAND just punched me in the gut and left me in pieces. This imaginative piece is so beautifully written that it highlights how infuriating victim-blaming and dismissiveness can be. I would love to see this staged. Amazing parts for women exploring rage and misogyny. Caridad Svich's voice is so desperately needed during these divisive times.
  • The Pitchforks
    6 Nov. 2018
    How can a play be this disturbing, spooky, and intellectual, while being one of the sexiest plays I've ever read? How? Andrew Kramer... that's how. One of the most brilliant writers I know. I am forever mystified by his storytelling ability. One of the BEST in the game.
  • feminine octagon [or, aristotle can eat me]
    2 Jul. 2018
    Super rich dialogue and a biting sense of humor. This play surprises and dazzles with great parts for women!