Recommended by Benjamin Gonzales

  • Zombie Rainbow Unicorn Poo Pillow Emoji Party
    18 Feb. 2020
    Aside from the amazing title, this short and funny play has a lot to offer. While the Boomer and Millennial generations often garner the biggest conversations of cross-generational conflict ("Ok, Boomer"), it's really great to see the interaction between Gen X and Gen Z. This play shows how these generational conflicts are often how we are more alike than separate.
    23 Sep. 2019
    The characters in this play are so specific and deliberate, it allowed me to consume this play in one quick sitting. BRILLIANT WORKS OF ART was such a fantastic read. I am also grateful to Donna Hoke for allowing the characters to dictate the story, not the expectation.
  • Tar Beach
    16 Sep. 2019
    I can not get this play out of my head. I just re-read Tar Beach for the sixth time, and I can't get over how stunning the imagery is. The characters are vivid, the action and lines reverberate... I keep coming back to it. Tar Beach is a must read.
  • In Observance of Lorraine Black
    10 Apr. 2018
    Jeanette Farr is an important voice for our generation. “In Observance of Lorraine Black” is a thoroughly imaginative experiment in the “new world” concept of reality (television). Experiencing humanity through this play allows me to better understand my neighbors, my students, and the world I live in. Thank you, Jeanette for giving us such a thoughtful piece.
  • My Body
    10 Apr. 2018
    “My Body” is a brilliant play highlighting our hypocrisies. Rachel captures the irony within the satire of the words, that the inequality exposed within its 10 pages starkly demonstrates who we are as a society. 10/10 easily. Thank you, Rachel. Your work makes me want to be a better man.