Recommended by Haygen-Brice Walker

  • this party sucks
    30 Aug. 2018
    This play is a revelation. "this party sucks" takes the manic-pixie-dream girl/guy trope and flips it on its head. This play is an act of violence: it's sexy, it's gritty, it's mean, it's funny, it's romantic. Through a collection of scenes in and around a hotel room, Levitsky-Weitz doesn't only shed light on three incredibly nuanced humans grappling with celebrity, fame, addiction, love, and jealousy; but she gives us an entire diorama of the history of their relationships. We need more of this in theatre right now: plays that are messy. Life isn't well-made, so why should plays be?
  • This is How you Got Me Naked or My Sexy Fairytale
    29 Aug. 2018
    THIS IS HOW YOU GOT ME NAKED OR MY SEXY FAIRYTALE is a delightful romp into the minds of naive, liberal-arts educated millennials. The banter of these aspiring artists is hysterical and watching these young adults navigate sex, relationships, affairs, dual-majors, and protest art is so much fun. A really smart rom-com about humans that we never see onstage (smart, self-aware millennials) and that we need to see onstage more often.
  • Babel
    22 Aug. 2018
    BABEL is a beautiful meditation on the conflicts between technology, parenthood, love, and control. A futuristic love-story that never once feels inaccessible or far-fetched, the way sci-fi so often feels. Goldfinger's take on the romcom is undeniably her own: it's smart and funny and messy and above all: it's poignant. The characters in her playworld are desperate, complicated, conflicted, and so real. A deft balance of heartbreak and hope that BABEL navigates showcases Goldfinger's immense skills as a dramatist. BABEL is a play that needs to be produced widely. Now. Right now.
  • Mrs. Harrison
    10 Aug. 2018
    A play that's equal parts compelling mystery and searing drama. It's refreshing to watch the two strong-willed, women characters spar in this play about everything except men. This is a play that every college should not only be studying in acting class for scene study but also studying in playwriting for a masterclass in how to construct dialogue that is equal parts lyrical and scathing.
    It's a tight play that raises questions of identity, authorship, friendship, and homecomings. The play doesn't provide answers, but rather makes you grapple with the its questions long after the final blackout.
  • Down in the Holler
    25 Jul. 2018
    It's sexy and haunting and funny and devastating. A backwoods, lesbian-ghost play about class, memory, love, and how hard it is to outrun our past. A beautiful play that sparks all the senses and burns them long after the final blackout.