Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Paul Pasulka tells stories. Actually, he has been known to fib. Sometimes he’s gotta be downright lying. Does he really think you’ll believe that the biblical Job was interrogated - enhancedly in Abu Ghraib prison? And I’m sure Lady Macbeth and her child never sought shelter in a residence for homeless families, even after Macbeth killed her husband (well, that part is historically accurate, anyway). The Snow Queen never smoked marijuana. Period. As far as we know. Aesop, while awaiting execution in prison, was definitely not visited by talking animals. That’s just ridiculous. And while he is permitted to speculate, he cannot really expect you to believe that Led Zeppelin-loving robots are going to take over the world or that God is engaged in a game of death-charades.

He does tell some stories that are slightly more believable: a mother trying to cope with her child’s regression into autism; another child trying to cope with the death of his father and his mother’s alcoholism. But I researched these and have found no - well, these have actually been known to happen. And his historical dramas (Anna O. and La Maestra) are historically accurate.

But his solo-performance autobiographical stories? A face to face encounter with a sympathetic dead rat; the rescue of little lost boys; and donuts trembling in the face of a nun’s rage? You gotta believe he embellishes. A lot. He must, right? ‘Cause otherwise: WTF?

Oh, and when not stopped in time, he has been known to act and direct.

On balance? Definitely a liar. Catch him in the acts.