Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I am proud to be from the South. At the same time, I am embarrassed to be from Alabama.

I grew up admiring Harper Lee, Dr. King, and a score of other writers and leaders who came from my home state.

Today — I feel their voices smothered; lost in a spiral of judgement — a world where taking care of people has been replaced by leaders who want to control the people by manhandling with their ultra-conservative agenda.

I am a playwright. Sometimes the structure of my plays evolve into musicals, television, and film.

I gravitate toward characters who feel silenced, oppressed, and lost in an ever changing world.

I create situations in art where characters challenge the status-quo.

I write about the conversations we should be having; the ones which pull us out of the mud and muck of polar thought and back to the middle of the road where we can be human once again.

I want to emotionally impact an audience to engage in conversations which lead to empathy and common ground. They will cry. They will laugh. And, along the way, I hope it’s one hell of a ride.