Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I am a playwright, actress and teacher, the daughter of noted film historian William K. Everson. My earliest memories were immersed in cinema. I graduated from the High School of Performing Arts, studied with Geraldine Page and Michael Schulman, and appeared in many plays by Robert Patrick at La Mama ETC, Theatre For The New City, and The NY Theatre Ensemble, as well as Grove St. Playhouse, York Theatre Co., and other Off Broadway theaters.

In 1990, I gave up most theatrical aspirations to raise my daughter with special needs, and teach drama to children on the autistic spectrum. In 2014, I returned to college after a 36-year absence, and received my BA in Theatre Arts, completing the four-year course in two years, with a 4.0 average. Most importantly, I found my creative voice again.

I discovered I not only loved writing plays, but my work was consistently well received. There were stories I needed to tell and that people wanted to hear. Since 2014, I've completed four full-length plays and ten one-acts, with more in progress. As a result, my inherent style has started to come into focus. My plays tend to incorporate oddball characters and situations. Subject matter has ranged from screwball comedy to dark melodrama, from cannibals in suburban Long Island, to murderous love triangles amongst octogenarians in an assisted living facility.

In 2015, I was the recipient of the Yip Harburg Foundation scholarship and my first full-length, NEITHER HERE NOIR THERE, was produced at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in April of 2017. My trilogy of shorts, GRIEF ENCOUNTERS, was performed at Emerging Artists Theatre later that year.

Cinematic influences are an inevitable by-product of my childhood. My latest full-length, THE THIN MAN IN THE CHERRY ORCHARD, is a sardonic mashup of two seemingly far-flung worlds; the hard boiled milieu of Dashiell Hammet's glamorously pickled American sleuths Nick and Nora Charles; and the stoic inhabitants of Chekhov's bleak Russian tundra. It's gone through several readings and revisions and one of my goals for the future is to mount it as a full production.

This late-in-life renaissance for me has been extremely gratifying so far, and has helped assuage my tendency towards low self-esteem, which has been one of my bigger challenges. My unusual upbringing, including being neurotypical while both daughter and parent to a person on the autistic spectrum, along with my lifelong immersion in eclectic cinematic and theatrical experiences, has given me an offbeat worldview and, it's fair to say, a slightly warped sense of humor.

My hope is that I can continue to incorporate my experience into quirky, entertaining and edifying pieces of theatre, and build a substantial body of work. I feel ready now to work intensively on my plays and make them the best they can be, while growing as an artist in the process.