Recommended by Ruth Apolonia Zamoyta

  • Change of Plans
    4 Apr. 2021
    This monologue by a married woman in NYC during COVID starts off funny, ends up chilling. As the wife leads us on a Zoom tour of her apartment, we learn of a strained marital relationship with the added stress of a COVID lockdown--and no means of escape. Sadly, this has been reality for hundreds of thousands of women for generations. A short play that will resonate with many.
  • Kevorkian's Cat
    29 Mar. 2021
    Magnificent short play for two actors--a 45-year-old woman and a cat with a Russian accent. Deals with the omnipresent issue of dementia, how to approach it when you are the victim or the caregiver, the never-ending need for compassion, how this awful disease alters relationships, how life and death go on.
  • A Story About a Girl
    29 Mar. 2021
    I adore this play. The story of a girl with a disability presented in an extraordinary style, it addresses the need to allow, encourage, and listen to voiced words, thoughts, feelings, and people. Technically clever, allowing us to follow Bethany through thirty years of life using only 6 actors playing various roles.
  • Hungarian Rhapsody (Blind Submission)
    24 Mar. 2021
    Starts off very Chekhovian until a stranger invades the farm house, sparking revelations, confrontations, and unconventional decisions in the lives of three ordinary people. Commands your attention and curiosity all the way through.
  • Covid Operations
    18 Mar. 2021
    Hilarious--a tasty treat for imaginative designers and directors. Emotive killer viruses--how apropos!
  • The Shop
    18 Mar. 2021
    Intriguing situation between two seeming strangers in a dress shop. Two imaginative roles for middle-age female actors that will keep the audience rapt. Clever wordplay!
  • I, Marshmallow
    14 Feb. 2021
    Absolutely hilarious, and a great short play to produce with a mixture of young children and adults. The stage directions clearly show you how you can simulate roasting marshmallows using only human beings, skewers, and different-colored T-shirts. Love it--I will think of this play whenever I roast marshmallows!
  • The Quarantine
    29 Mar. 2020
    Awww! Desperate hand-printed messages for quarantined loved ones, shown to the windows in the fourth wall. A very poignant story for our times, and great exercise in voiceless emotion for actors.
  • Love and Loneliness in an Advanced Technological Age
    17 Mar. 2020
    Chilling futuristic play about a cyborg lover with a mind of her own. Makes you question how far AI can go. Would love to see it on stage!
  • A First-Draft Second-Rate Love Story
    17 Mar. 2020
    Cleverly witty play about actors in a staged reading all having different drafts. Theatre professionals especially will find it all too real!