Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Laura Pittenger specializes in dark comedies which challenge the body, heart and soul.

As a playwright, Laura explores how to find little spots of hope in darkness, how humor can heal or only temporarily cover our wounds, and how we play with words in our fumbling attempts to understand one another. Laura is also very interested in the subtle intersection between faith and art.

Her directing work centers around plays with unique and immediate physical obstructions, challenges, or conceits - for example, actors chained to a wall; actors using only two stools for multiple scene changes; actors reliving the same night over and over again with minor alterations.

As is often the case, the two hats (playwriting and directing) intersect and bleed into one another regularly, creating work that is ultimately darkly comic, linguistically challenging, and painfully intimate.

**Note: I am happy to work with amateur + professional companies and students who wish to have permission to perform my work. Please email me at to discuss rates.**