Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

As a writer, I am dedicated to crafting simple moments which reveal the vast complexities of human relationships. By starting with the tip of the iceberg, I dive into the depths to explore what lies beneath the surface. My work navigates sharp curves, rough edges, and unsteady, untidy endings.

Humans are steeped in allegiances to competing ideologies - sex, religion, politics - which can strengthen our human bonds or tear us apart. Using the precision tools of humor and subtext, I break down these conflicts to challenge preexisting notions of what it means to be a true believer in the midst of uncertainty and anxiety.

My interests have taken me to anarchist protests, 10th-century German convents, broken-down manufacturing towns, and more. As an obsessive lover of history, I seek to capture the zeitgeist of the past with all its scars, known and hidden, and grapple honestly with the dissonance I encounter. I believe that our present is our past. We walk in its rubble.

Theater is a collaborative physical art that takes place in real space and time. My work reflects an authentic understanding of the body in its raw power and potential for acts of extreme violence and intimacy. As such, I am responsible for (and committed to) creating physically dynamic work which both challenges artistically and upholds the human dignity of its performers.

**Note: I am happy to work with amateur + professional companies and students who seek permission to perform my work. Please email me at**