Recommended by Guadalís Del Carmen

  • The Lonely (A Fictionally Non-Accurate Historical KiKi)
    4 Nov. 2019
    All the sexiest queer minds in one room? Yes please! This play is smart and funny and heart wrenching and everything you'd want when you put all these icons in one story. This is a true ride, and a divine story for the ages.
  • I Wanna Fuck like Romeo and Juliet
    4 Nov. 2019
    This play is a gorgeous love fantasy with smart dialogue. I saw a reading of it and was held captivated from beginning to end. Cupid slung her angst filled arrow at me and I fell in love. A love story that's truly out of this world! We rarely see heartbreak from queer POC characters, and the ability to fight and search for that love. Andrew is a truly gifted writer.
  • Then They Forgot About The Rest
    8 Apr. 2018
    Georgina writes from another plane. Her imagination takes you on a ride out of this world and into hers. Then They Forgot About The Rest is smart, funny, and asks questions about what we're willing to forget to have peace. Strong roles for women. I truly enjoyed this play!
  • Ashes Of Light
    1 Apr. 2018
    Heartbreaking as it is beautiful, this story hits you right in the feels as well as tickles all the funny bones. This is a great play for actors to really sink their teeth into. All the characters are fully realized and give audiences much to chew on. It's rare to see dynamic Dominican stories on stage, and Marco does not disappoint in his storytelling.
  • In The Name Of Salomé
    1 Apr. 2018
    It's as if Salomé wrote this play herself, is how beautiful the poetry and language in this play are. Marco is a master at injecting comedy in tense moments without taking away from the deeper message. I've loved the book this play is adapted from, and this play does not disappointed. The female characters are bold, smart and defiant.
  • Princess Clara of Loisaida
    1 Apr. 2018
    A fun ride with beautifully painful moments and just the right amount of comedy. This is a story that makes you examine your own place in the world.