Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I love telling stories, I love surprising people, and I love making them laugh.

My writing is funny, dark, and surprisingly earnest. It usually involves people living small lives. Things I’ve written: an anxiety musical about a chicken (for kids!), a story about repressed people in small town Minnesota where a love affair begins with two characters dreaming of life being like a trip to the Olive Garden, a story about restaurant staff dreaming of getting revenge on the rich people they serve. Things I’m working on: a farce about a woman in Brooklyn running an illegal Air Bnb; a web series about three roommates plotting to kill their landlord; a play set at a county fair in Minnesota featuring a hot dog eating contest, a woman telling her husband she’s pregnant while watching a calf be born in the Miracle of Life barn, and a pair of men accidentally falling in love in the Tunnel of Love.

I’m influenced by the glorious sprawl of Robert Altman, the twisted realism of Mike Leigh, the gentle empathy of Annie Baker, and the unintentional camp of Christopher Guest.

The majority of my characters are outsiders (or feel like they are, even if they’re seemingly doing well in the world they inhabit). This is probably because I’ve spent the majority of my life feeling weird and out of place. Most of the time--even in New York--I’m the only queer person in the room. The older I get, the more I’ve realized that a lot of people feel like they’re the odd one out, and I think that’s why people connect with my writing. What is more glorious than watching a show about eccentric weirdos in small town MN and suddenly recognizing something of yourself even if you’ve never been to small town MN? Or seeing yourself in an anxious chicken? Few things, I think.

I love that plays can bring people together, and I endeavor to push myself as a creative and craftsman with each new project I create.