Recommended by Lee Lawing

    20 Jan. 2019
    Every Wyndham monologue I read is another introduction to a living and breathing person that is so fully recognized and given such a true and honest voice. I turn to Wyndham for inspiration, but I also turn to him to find the compassionate human in me that sometimes gets pushed down too far and needs to be reminded of all the people in the world that need to be heard. One by one, Wyndham is doing this and I for one would love to see an entire night of his monologues at a theater near me!
    20 Jan. 2019
    The wit and humor of Carnes is on full display in this most delightful of plays. And who could resist a play with Pickle Ball in the title that's about a clothing-optional wedding? What I love most about Carnes's writing is that it's so natural and you feel that you could have this very conversation with your partner or lover or husband or wife. And why should any of us ever give up on that magic of love no matter what age. A sharp play for older actors which show them as still evolving humans in this crazy world..
  • Gun Play
    19 Jan. 2019
    What a play. Dunn makes you feel like you're falling down the Twilight Zone spiral with the surreal actions of the Man and Woman, puling us in with that surreality that only leads the reader and audience to what becomes a terribly real ending that's become oh too familiar in our nation. A must read for anyone and a must have addition to any festival.
  • The Games We Play
    18 Jan. 2019
    Bohannon captures such grief in all its raw form at the end of this brilliant play. The fact that we have this face we are supposed to show to the world is so present at the beginning and then the grief that we are not supposed to show comes roaring out of A and C. Their heart-felt lines at the end of the play that they want their dad back should be call enough to end all of this madness once and for all.
  • Best of Honor
    12 Jan. 2019
    What I love best about Soltero-Brown's writing is in full evidence here--the sharp wit and insight of the humans around us in those everyday situations that seem all too familiar until you read his plays. This time it's about an impending marriage between Beni and Shea. Beni's panic at the beginning of the play fills the audience with such an urgent need to be so sure that this is right, but in this age of over-analyzing everything in our lives and everyone around us, can either ever be sure in this modern day classic for those "people who need people."
  • Ready Betty
    11 Jan. 2019
    This is a funny, funny play! I love the humor and physical comedy and what a treat for anyone to perform and/or see! I wanted this one to keep on going because it's that good and congratulate Dames on creating an original in Ready Betty.
    19 Dec. 2018
    I want more of Bruce! There is so much truth spilling from his mouth out near the dance floor that they will be sweeping it up for years to come. Youth is a time for great learning and we seem to always repeat in this society the thing about being pricks toward those who are of an older age then us, really through all of our life--what I would really like to see is what Bruce is asking for--respect for seniors but starting from day one when you're born and learning what respect should be about because Bruce knows!
  • ¡OSO FABULOSO! & The Bear Backs
    14 Dec. 2018
    I really enjoyed this play and would love to see it on the stage I mean it has everything a gay man could want from life: bears, a musical, back-up singers called the Bear Backs, a therapist asking all the hard questions about Oso's love affair and the love affair itself that seems all too familiar for so many but done with the levity that only bears could provide!
  • Oh, No! I Flew Too Close to the Sun!
    14 Dec. 2018
    Delightful and entertaining. I wished I had gotten to see it in Edmunds when it was there during their 10-minute festival.
  • The Thought Doesn't Count
    13 Dec. 2018
    Another emotional journey from Hageman who gives her characters such depth in such a short space. This play packs a wollop and leaves such a lump in the throat but I like that love and determination win out in the end