Recommended by Lee R. Lawing

  • This Play Has an Iguana for a Protagonist
    23 Jun. 2019
    This play is a gem of a comedy about menstruation and I love plays where animals are main characters. Dooley provides us with a whacky ride, but the gift that this play provides is at its heart where loyalty and friendship are shown at their finest!!
  • Smoke Break
    23 Jun. 2019
    This year I have been trying hard to zone in on the moments I write about and get rid of the excess and it's plays like Smoke Break that really teach me how to do that perfectly. Peercy's perfect little moment has a lot of punch and I am intrigued by these two men as much as I am drawn into their crazy world in just those brief seconds.
  • Eleanor Descending a Staircase
    23 Jun. 2019
    A little brilliant absurdist theater by August and such a joy to read. From the title to the action, I was hooked and enjoyed every second of it. I feel so many days like Eleanor but at work I sometimes feel like the clerk and so enjoyed taking a break and reading such a funny and wild play. Will enjoy discovering other works by August for sure.
    22 Jun. 2019
    I have missed reading Wyndham's work very much. Every turn is a surprise and this beautifully executed monologue is no different. What an emotional journey this is for the reader and lucky actor who gets to perform these perfect words. Wyndham has the knack of creating those characters that are so real and this guy is no different and my heart hopes that he finds that love that he wants! Perfect ending. Perfect journey. Thank you for another gem!
  • The Black Boy in Pink
    22 Jun. 2019
    What a perfect play! From the story and action to the staging and characters. Reaves captures the heart of unspoken love so well. Sadly, this is a story that is still oft repeated around us because of people not feeling comfortable to show the world who they truly love or who they want to be. This is a play that I could not put down once I started and it would make such a great addition to any theatre's season! I look forward to seeing this writer catch the world on fire with his amazing talent and skills!!!
  • Masha: Conditions in the Holy Land
    20 Jun. 2019
    An intense play that tears at one's heart and soul. The unknown pain and suffering of each person we meet is just sometimes overwhelming to think about, and Masha is no different in that she has such pain, but what she decides to do with it is simply devastating. You can understand why this has won awards!
  • Sufficiently White: A Monologue
    19 Jun. 2019
    So beautiful and so painful to read. There is just so much wrong in our world and history that it should make everyone sit back and have a self-aware realization and then push for a better tomorrow where everyone is accepted and welcomed, but sadly, we know that is still a dream for so many in so many places in the world including our own country. Every day may be a battle, but it helps to have words like Mariko ringing in your ears: "Until anyone can call this country home."
  • Swallowed
    19 Jun. 2019
    Timely and so thrilling and a play that will stick with me for some time. Bublitz holds nothing back in this ten minute thrill ride. The thought of sacrificing yourself for a cause is as heartbreaking as it is terrifying and the terror built and built in this play that inspired me as a writer of what might be possible on the stage.
  • BUA Takes 10: Stonewall Edition
    18 Jun. 2019
    Reading this collection all the way through was as much inspiring as it was terrifying. To pause and think about all of the sacrifices made by all those before us, but also all the victories gained each and every day by people pushing for greater acceptance, dignity and love. The fight will continue that’s a given, but inspiration for that fight comes through on every page of this show.
    18 Jun. 2019
    Walker’s short play “A Dim Light” brings home the fear and all the extra layers of caution that gay men had to use in the past just to connect on any emotional level. Sadly, they still do in so many parts of the world, including here in the United States for a lot of people. It makes one realize how much more we have to go before that one thing simple thing, love, is completely open and honest for us all and not one person is ashamed to admit who they love.