Recommended by Claire-Frances Sullivan

  • The Waves
    28 Jul. 2020
    Miles' use of language in this piece washes over you as tumultuously as the waves over her protagonist. You feel the push and pull of Michael from the first word to the last action, but never delve into the realm of cliché or "genre". Subtle and moving, this piece is perfect for any experimental and/or short play festival.
  • Lucky
    28 Jul. 2020
    Pharel weaves this complex story of identity with a beautiful, evocative touch. As firm in its stance as it is gentle in its delivery, you are moved by Lucky and the world she fights to find herself in. A stunning exploration of form and use of theatre as an art. I'm BEGGING someone to stage this gorgeous play. From reading it in early drafts to seeing it staged as a reading, I've hung on every word and think about it often.
  • Will Be Live
    25 Jul. 2018
    I had the pleasure of seeing the staged reading of "Will Be Live" as performed at the Kennedy Center in March of 2018. I continue to come back to this play as one of the most brilliant, devastating short works I've ever seen. Micah uses structure as if she created the rules for it, and somehow weaves the stories of these three women in a distinct but deeply interconnected way. Micah makes you laugh, and then she makes you cry in under 15 minutes.
  • Megan and the Bear Go Camping (To Solve Their Problems)
    3 Jul. 2018
    This play explores the nuances of repression and depression with a sharp wit and heartwarming moments. The flow between real moments and memories is seamless and engaging. Highly recommend!!