Recommended by Gage Tarlton

  • Down Cellar
    25 Mar. 2020
    WOAH! Suspenseful, eerie, and wildly theatrical. The tension bewteen each character is strong throughout, every moment pulling you in further and further, until the thrillingly explosive climax and conclusion. It's hard to make horror work on stage, but Jordan Elizabeth Henry is well on her way to accomplishment. Very impresssive work.
  • How To Destroy An American Girl Doll
    23 Mar. 2020
    Once again, I'm speechless after reading one of Jan Rosenberg's play. How can you not be?? Her characters spring to life instantly. Her command of plot structure is evident, but never overbearing. Every moment is so well-placed, every conversation filled with humor and heartbreak and life. She has one of the most recognizable and unique voices that I've had the pleasure of encountering. Okay, I'll stop gushing now. Read Jan Rosenberg's plays, and fall in love.
    23 Mar. 2020
    Nick Malakhow seamlessly weaves together the youthful, traumatic past of two boys with their underwhelming, heartbreaking present. Set almost entirely on the dock of a river, the theatricality of this piece shines through in the dialogue that is so honest and raw, not a moment of it forced or unnecessary. Perhaps the most impressive feat, though, is Malakhow's supreme command of pace; every line of dialogue is a revelation that drives the action forward, resulting in a satisfying and heartbreaking climax. I could go on and on - there's a lot to love about this play. Read it.
  • Perennials
    22 Mar. 2020
    Woah. What a beautiful, heartbreaking play. Sam and Jo's relationship is like an hourglass; they know that time is slipping, but they try to preserve it anyway. Maybe they can. Heads up, the last few moments might make you cry - I did. One of the strongest two handers I've had the privilege of reading.
  • Austin's Home
    21 Mar. 2020
    With Austin's Home, Jesse Alana Robkin has crafted a touching drama exploring the confusion, grief, and distance that remains in the air of a family after the loss of one of their own. Her characters are drawn with deep care and sympathy that is replicated in the dialogue. Most importantly, though, Robkin doesn't let anyone off the hook; after all, healing is collective. An impressive accomplishment by an emerging playwright.
  • The Candidate
    10 Feb. 2020
    Devoured this play. Strong dialogue, a gripping plot, and complicated characters that are desperate for answers. It's funny and alarming - a thrill ride from start to finish.
  • Ridgway
    20 Jan. 2020
    Once again, I find myself in absolute awe of Charlie's grasp on dialogue that is both realistic and stylized, that is both of the present and of the past, that flows seamlessly while also challenging our preconceptions of what is theatrically possible. Ghost stories can often feel repetitive, but what Charlie has done here is no repetition; it's a unique, eerie feat of storytelling that will surely send chills down your spine.
  • Humiliation Play
    24 Dec. 2019
    Sometimes a play stumbles upon you, out of the blue, and you start reading it, and you're scrolling so fast through the pages, itching to know what happens, that all of a sudden, you're on the very last page, and a teardrop is taking a stroll down your cheek, because the play had so much truth in it that you couldn't hold back your emotionally visceral reaction. This play did that for me today. It offered me healing that I desperately needed and I'm grateful for it's existence. Super strong piece.
  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    13 Dec. 2019
    One of, if not THE, best play that I had the privilege of reading this year. I keep telling people about it. I keep thinking about it. Dratwa seems to have created a whole new form of theatre with this play and it excites my entire being to be in the theatre at the same time as her and this play.
  • miku, and the gods.
    3 Aug. 2019
    I had the absolute pleasure of my life experiencing a reading of this play today at the MFA Playwrights' Workshop and I left feeling exhausted and emotionally drained and full of love and hope and warmth and excitement and utter joy that this is the future of theatre. From viscerally responding to the beautiful language of this beautiful world to nearly standing on my chair because I was so engaged and entranced with the story...Izumi has created something so very special. Someone produce this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!