Recommended by Everett Robert

  • Peas in the Fried Rice
    10 Oct. 2018
    This was a very funny play with quick, rapid fire banter that brought a smile to the face of this former line cook and picky eater.
  • Bug Juice and Stoli
    8 Oct. 2018
    Can a piece be considered a "coming of age" story when you are dealing with adults? Adults of all ages? I wouldn't have thought so until I read Bug Juice and Stoli. This delightful play reminded me of summers I spent at summer camp in the early and mid 90s, of the friends I made and how far we drifted apart and how we all grew up in different ways and in different directions. As the 6 women in this play all come to different realizations in their life over a chaotic weekend themselves discover. Highly recommended.
  • Adoption of Grief
    4 Oct. 2018
    This was not an easy play for me to read. I was adopted, and am from a "trans-racial" family (a family that is made up of people from different races) and living in Kansas, this hit close to home. And it would be unfair for me to look at my family's experiences and compare to the story told here. But I will say that I think this is an IMPORTANT play that examines issues through a lens that isn't always considered. Salsbury has written a hyper realistic play that addresses a myriad of issues. Highly recommended.
  • Alien Lovers and Friends
    2 Oct. 2018
    With dialog that crackles and a fantastic set-up, contrasted with the loneliness of the setting and the starkness of the stage, this is a wonderfully weird delightful one-act play that examines the duality of humanity; our eagerness to please each other and be accepted and our pettiness and our quickness to anger. There is a great twist at the end, but the cynical human side of me wonders if we will heed the message (but I hope we do)
    2 Oct. 2018
    Neo-Western is a great description of this brilliant play. Like the great westerns, a collection of "misfits" have formed their own community. At the center is the triumvirate of Lucky, the solider with a heart of gold who is looking for redemption, Roberta, his significant other who is equal parts mystic, mother, and protector, and Dick, the orphan looking for answers. Opposing them is Chip and his band of neo-nazis, who threaten the uneasy peace between communities. Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time, this magical-realism play about identity, community, and loss must be produced.
  • The Ten Minute Play (with a Nice Picture of Jimmy Carter)
    2 Oct. 2018
    I think every writer, but especially those of ten minute plays, can relate to this ten minute play about ten minute plays and writing in general. From explaining what a ten minute play is, to thinking that what we've crafted is the best ten minute play ever. sing a picture of Jimmy Carter seems to be about the most ten minute play thing ever. Did I mention this is a ten minute play about ten minute plays? Because it is and I think it might be slightly brilliant.
  • The Thought Doesn't Count
    2 Oct. 2018
    Beautiful. Poignant. Heart wrenching. Touching. This has to be one of the best short plays I think I have ever read. Read this play now. Produce this play now.
  • To Tread Among Serpents
    11 Jul. 2018
    To Tread Among Serpents is a play that should be produced right now, by theaters across the country. A haunting tale that is a pot boiler while also turning the light on those that would profit from horrific tales of true crime that the public feeds on. Less, in my mind, southern Gothic and more Southern Noir, this powerful play weaves a story of religion, small town life, corruption and the destruction of the innocent (and who is innocent) where the snake handling worship is both an inciting factor and metaphor. A must read, a must SEE.
  • Green Bean Casseroles.
    10 Jul. 2018
    Growing up in the white, evangelical Midwestern evangelical culture, I know green bean casseroles. I also know the sometimes purposeful and sometimes inadvertent bigotry that accompanies this culture. The use of eight 9x13 pans of green bean casseroles brought to a grieving mother's home is a powerful metaphor for this culture and their attitudes. This is a stirring and powerful monologue that deserves to be read and performed. Highly recommended.
  • Letter of the Law
    11 May. 2018
    Awww the all too familiar disappointment of not getting the toy you wanted because "Santa" knows that it will keep your parents up all night. Instead, he got you the fun-ducational toy of the season. You know those toys, the build your own computer, build your own microscope type toys. In just one minute, Steven Hayet manages to capture the feeling of admitting a toy you got is not what you wanted and how admitting that can affect your parents. Heartwarming, touching and all too true. Bravo.