Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I agree with (I think) Ionesco's idea that dramatic literature is not literature at all, but "the expression of the inexpressible." I'm also increasingly interested in Keats' notion of "negative capability" which seems to me to follow Kierkegaard "infinite resignation."

Negative capability is exactly how I would describe the feeling of acting in a neoclassical French farce a la Moliere. It's a feeling of diving into the abyss and seeing what comes of it. (Right? It's still a new concept for me...)

Anyway, I get that this is a lot of philosophical mumbo jumbo, but it helps makes sense of where I stand (for now).

I've only just started to understand my process in recent months. (the time of this writing is 3/23/29).

My first 'real' play, Turtleback High, was described by a colleague as 'the first post-postmodern play' and I kinda like that, although I don't know if that really means anything. The play does seem to contain some of the ideas above, although I have no idea if I had the wherewithal to describe them at the time it was written.

I understand that this can lead my writing to be kind of 'heady' and I constantly struggle with that, but again, to paraphrase Beck, it's where I'm at. My best attempt so far at a character-driven (vs idea-driven) play is probably The Dangerous Difference. It's where I get closest to Tennessee Williams (but not that close!)

Depiction is not endorsement. Freedom is a welcome illusion.