Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

You can become a writer when you're old. It happens. There are more examples of fiction writers and poets who have done it than playwrights. But, still, it can happen. I believe it and I'm trying to prove it.

As a little kid, and a student in high school and college, I acted in many plays. I wrote a few short plays. I participated in community theater. Then, I got married, had children, became a worker, a business person, a political person, and theater stayed in the background. For a few decades.

When I was about 50 years old – long story that I'll spare you – I got serious about writing plays. I helped to start up a playwriting group in my hometown. I began taking workshops through PlayPenn in Philly. I built relationships with actors and directors in Central Pennsylvania. Theater companies in Lancaster, Reading and Harrisburg started producing my plays. So, I am now okay with calling myself a playwright.

I have things to say about families, marriages, longing, loyalty, work and communities. People don't get dismembered or killed in my plays. They do fall in and out of love. They don't all look and think alike. Many of my characters work in factories or hotels or social service organizations. English is not always their first language.

I have been seeing plays, reading, writing and educating myself so that I can keep producing more plays and better plays. I am a playwright. I am striving to be a good playwright. I love the process. Right now, that's a great pleasure and inspiration to me.