Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I focus on new work. I compose in many styles: comedy, drama, political plays, theatre for youth, plays for older casts, two-handers, plays set in other time periods than the present, plays focusing on women. I write fast and revise quickly. I used to be an actress and my performing experience informs my writing in regard to characterization and plot development.

Recommendations from people with whom I have worked:

*** Martha is a great writer of dialogue and situation and also is able to create fascinating and complex characters in a very short time on stage. She is an especially vivid and insightful writer of female characters.
- Alex Broun, Artistic Director at Constellation Dubai

*** Martha has a gift for writing about great interpersonal relationships, moving characters and great dialogue.
- JulieAnn Govang, Owner/Editor, JAC Publishing and Promotions, Owner/Editor/Critic, New England Entertainment Digest

*** Martha's awe-inspiring connection to a silenced past moved her to create Amarilis, a woman of 80 who would tell her massacre story to her neighbor in her living room, but not without ending her monologue by asking, "Now, about that lemonade. May I offer you some?"...Martha, again, has combined research with art and un-silenced by way of theatre.
- Nehanda Loiseau, Producer of Border of Lights Evening of Monologues, New York City (, and Border Story Fest (Duke University)