Heather Morrow

Heather Morrow

Heather Morrow is an Edmonton-based playwright and ESL teacher. Her plays include Crushed, Take a Bite, and the solo show It Started With an Allergy. Her script Alex and Michael and Hannah got an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Herman Voaden Playwriting Competition. She’s seen her plays produced at the Walterdale Theatre, ADFA, and the Fringe festivals of Edmonton, Calgary, and Edinburgh.


  • Alex and Michael and Hannah
    Charming, dependable Alex resists asking out Hannah for weeks, certain he’ll only hurt her. Hannah is so stunned to be asked out at all she assumes Alex has made a mistake. And Michael says he’s only after a good time, but finds himself becoming the lover and best friend of them both.

  • Take a Bite
    When Vera awakes, locked in a room with a young stranger, she assumes it's her boyfriend's latest trick. He Dion, thinks he's been put in cells again, but with better company than usual. The truth is weirder - and better - than either thinks. The strangest chat-up you'll ever see!

  • Crushed
    Liv is the older, responsible sister. Ness, is the pretty fragile one. Ness lives with her boyfriend Corey, who she loves. But Corey's love includes punching, and hitting. Tonight, as usual, she's run to Liv's, and Ness's big sister is fed up. But this time, something is horribly different...
  • It Started With an Allergy
    Laughing off the incurable, painful disease in your lady parts isn’t easy, but Heather’s trying!