Recommended by Brent Askari

  • A Distinct Society
    9 Jul. 2020
    Kareem Fahmy’s A DISTINCT SOCIETY is a powerful and necessary play for our time. Set in a small library on the U.S./Canada border, the story eloquently demonstrates how the political is personal and vice-versa. Mr. Fahmy manages to tell a gripping tale that’s populated with rich characters, engaging dialogue, and tremendous emotional and thematic resonance. As a Persian-American, I am grateful to Mr. Fahmy for illuminating the plights and struggles of Middle Eastern immigrants in such a heartfelt manner. A DISTINCT SOCIETY celebrates fellowship over fear, people over policies, and humanity over hate.
  • The Half-Light
    7 Feb. 2020
    The HALF-LIGHT is a life-affirming and hilarious story that deals with grief, loss, resilience, and love. Monica Wood crafts deep characters and sparkling dialogue, with juicy roles for actors. The Portland Stage premiere had audiences weeping and laughing in equal measure. Highly recommended!
  • Our Time
    7 Feb. 2020
    OUR TIME is a quick, fun, engaging read about a fascinating subject: comedy writers in 1970’s Los Angeles. The script feels incredibly authentic, likely because author Ken Levine was there in the trenches. His script has equal parts humor and pathos, heart and hilarity. A great ensemble piece you should check out. Excellent roles for young actors.
  • Guilty Pleasures: An Unapologetic Comedy
    7 Feb. 2020
    I love, love, love that Ken Levine labels GUILTY PLEASURES an “unapologetic comedy” – because this script is a total romp and makes no bones about it. Levine’s play is definitely a throwback to Coward, with one-liners and insults flung with wild abandon. If you were wondering who writes new comedies to delight audiences today, look no further than this author and this play.