Recommended by Rachel Bublitz

  • JESSE/JESSIE: A Short TYA Monologue
    2 Oct. 2017
    I really enjoyed how versatile this monologue was, and how much drive Jesse/Jessie has to get what they want. It's a heartbreaking story told by a very determined character, that would make a great audition piece for a young actor.
  • Truest (WIP, Spring 2020 Draft)
    1 Oct. 2017
    Funny, fast, and fierce. I was instantly drawn into the world, and even though I never felt like anyone in the play would end up okay, I was rooting for them on the journey. I would buy a plane ticket to see this play fully staged. High recommend.
  • Grounded
    28 Sep. 2017
    An incredible show that has stuck in my mind for years. The specificity, depth, and arc of the main (and only) character in this play is brilliant. You're with her all the way, even as she can't be with herself.
  • Zombie Thoughts (written with Oliver Kokai-Means)
    28 Sep. 2017
    I heard a reading of this, and it is so funny and honest. I think we often try to water down plays for children, and what I like most about this play is that it doesn't do that at all. It tackles very real feelings held by people of all ages and doesn't sweep them under a rug, but instead puts them front in center in a way that helps you understand things from a different perspective, which is what theater is all about. Really good work.
  • Silent Sky
    27 Sep. 2017
    Lauren Gunderson has this amazing talent of making any subject she takes on accessible and magical. SILENT SKY is no different. There is so much heart and soul and humor in this script, it breaks your heart in all the right places.
  • Ready Steady Yeti Go
    21 Sep. 2017
    I saw a reading of READY STEADY YETI GO at the Ojai Playwrights Conference in 2016. The play is hilarious and tender, it grapples with racism with care and subtlety. I really love it and can't wait to see it in production.
  • Rose in America
    19 Sep. 2017
    Complex and deep and so incredibly funny. ROSE IN AMERICA pokes at intersectionality in an unsettling and uncomfortable way that makes its audience question their values and notions about the world. Really fantastic work.
  • The Edible Complex
    19 Sep. 2017
    A super fun script for kids that manages to bring up an important topic, our relationship with food and how it sometimes can become unhealthy, without hitting its audience over the head with a "message."
  • Hollywood, Nebraska
    19 Sep. 2017
    I saw the developmental production of HOLLYWOOD, NEBRASKA last week at the Wyoming Theater Festival, and was moved by the honesty and depth of the characters. It's a play about a small town and returning home, and if that's even possible. The relationships are complex and rich, I was especially moved by the mother daughter relationship and the estranged friends who find themselves living in the same world again for a bit. I would jump at the opportunity to see this play fully produced.