Recommended by Alina Rios

  • Only Human
    7 Feb. 2019
    So much humanity in this moving monologue! It takes us on an emotional journey filled with warmth, humor, and a realization of our limitations. It addresses two very current issues: gun violence and humanity of catholic priests. Beautiful!
  • Gun Play
    28 Jan. 2019
    This is a beautifully architected, timely, stunning piece.
    17 Jan. 2019
    This short but powerful play left me speechless. Ever since I read it, it's been quietly burning a hole in my heart. I would love to see this staged. The fact that it's set in 1787 does not diminish its relevance and urgency. Read it, stage it!
    16 Jan. 2019
    This is a song of loss, beautiful in its minor keys. And then end buries deep into your heart and sits there aching.