Recommended by Liz Dooley

  • Saturday the 13th
    8 Nov. 2020
    God, this play got to me--from the jump-scares to the atmosphere to the juxtaposition of maybe-supernatural horror and the real-life horror of being black and gay in America, this play is going to get under an audience’s skin. The fact that it’s happening to three fully-realized, truly sympathetic characters amps up the tension that much more. While it would be a blast to see this on Halloween specifically, Reaves does an excellent job exploring themes of race, homophobia, and trauma that we should be examining all year round. Great work!
  • Amarillo
    7 Sep. 2020
    I loved the intense imagery and the emotional, slightly surreal tone of this piece. Skura does an excellent job leaning into her protagonist's state of mind to give a scattered, tense, and heartbreaking portrait of a life through the eyes of sustained trauma, and what it does to both the person living it and the people in their lives. Beautiful work!
  • Tis True, Ma (Ten Minute)
    7 Sep. 2020
    Donnelly wonderfully captures the difficult balance between loving your culture, and hating the way it influences your loved ones and their beliefs. This play gives one hope that we ARE moving away from hatred, however slowly or with whatever difficulty it may take. Well done!
  • E2
    30 Jun. 2020
    As much as I love updates on classic theatre, they can be very hard to do gracefully; E2 succeeds on that front and beyond. It is in turns witty and tragic, exploring not just the homoerotecism of the original but how it is affected by race, power, and technological advances. Excellent work!
    30 Jun. 2020
    This play does a beautiful job of exploring, from the inside out, the many different responses to grief and trauma wrought by white supremacy. The various victims and their equally-varied responses really drive home how widespread and all-consuming this kind of violence can be. Carnes broke my heart in only two minutes.
  • Chekov's Gun
    30 Jun. 2020
    A hilarious literalization and deconstruction of a perhaps-too-worshipped theatre construct, as well as an energetic one-minute physical comedy. I’d love the chance to see this in a festival someday!
  • MLM is for Murder (Or, Your Side Hustle is Killing Us)
    25 Jun. 2020
    I love a good dark comedy—almost as much as I dislike predatory business models. MLM IS FOR MURDER is at once subtly witty and over-the-top insane, full of great roles for women, and ultimately a very intelligent look at what, exactly, drives us to making red-flag-level bad decisions--business, moral, or otherwise. I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to see this performed! Bravo!
  • Monsters in the Audience
    25 Jun. 2020
    I love this twistedly immersive piece! In one page, Bauldree taps into an artist’s fears and vulnerabilities, while at the same time offering a brutal commentary on complacency and bystander syndrome. I would love the chance to see this done live!
  • Aegis
    8 Jun. 2020
    I’m a sucker for mythology plays, particularly those with a feminist bent, and AEGIS fits the bill fantastically. Hernandez’ play goes a long way toward developing Medusa into more than just the infamous monster, whilst holding responsible those who have done her (and women like her) wrong over the course of millennia. The piece is full of stark, dramatic imagery, both in text and in staging opportunities--I can only imagine the blast that a director and design team would have working on this piece. I’m eager to see where this goes, and eager to see it performed!
  • Spokane Beauty (a one-minute play)
    9 Apr. 2020
    It’s always fascinating to think about just how much life is going on around you. SPOKANE BEAUTY brings that thought to the forefront in a whirlwind cross-section of not just one day-to-day life, but an entire city’s worth--think Our Town, but at the speed of light.