Recommended by Nancy Gall-Clayton

    28 Mar. 2016
    A beautifully written play that explores issues of faith and honor in a most compelling way. I will be thinking about the characters and their intriguing journeys for a long while. I look forward to seeing this play on stage.
  • My Visit to America
    2 Sep. 2015
    A fascinating journey to a world we might be living in if North America had not been settled by Europeans. This well crafted and engaging play reminds us that customs, discoveries, and inventions we take for granted were not inevitable and that racism in any form is deplorable. I was especially moved by a single-race woman (mono's being society's most shunned members) performing the balcony scene from "Genghis and Juliet" with slightly unfamiliar lines. I would love to see a production of this play.
    8 Jul. 2015
    "On the Roof" has complex, distinct characters audiences will care about; true-to-life dialogue that engages thoroughly; and a structure that enhances the story which flips from today to 1955 and back again. It's a haunting tale, one I will continue to think about.
    18 Jan. 2015
    I saw Looking for Lilith's beautifully rendered production of "Alice in Black and White" in Louisville in 2013. "Flowing" and "seamless" are words that come to mind when I revisit the show in my mind. I fell in love with the characters and their movements through time and the lovely but minimal set. The writing is superb, and the story engaging. Art, history, family, love, loss -- this play has it all.