Recommended by J. Chavez

  • The Last Mother in the House of Chavis
    28 Sep. 2019
    I was lucky to see the reading of this at KCACTF 2018 and it is just phenomenal. Every moment, every monologue, each word is handpicked and I love it. It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Macke does a great job at creating a whole family dynamic with only 2 family members and some rando
  • Jeremiah's Creeping Arm
    20 Aug. 2019
    a great work by Eryn, she captures such a human feeling of hope and desperation to talk to those we can't reach in a short amount of time.
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    1 Jul. 2019
    I haven't screamed at a play in so long. This is it. This is art. This is important, this is funny and dramatic and just downright good. The dialogue, the characters, the story, all of it is brilliant. Everyone should read this and everyone should produce this.
  • Neat.
    21 Jun. 2019
    McVay captures the ups and downs of breakups and what they can do to us. Her use of language and perspective is absolutely amazing. This play is a roller coaster from start to finish with twists and turns in all the right directions
  • Round the Decay
    10 Jun. 2019
    Rushing takes you on a journey that I wasn't prepared for. So much history and information packed into only a couple of pages.
  • Silver Sixpence
    10 Jun. 2019
    Heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. Pitts established an entire family dynamic in 10 minutes and was able to give us a broad view of who these sisters are.
  • (trans)formada
    2 Apr. 2019
    Gonzales, did that. They captured a feeling unknown to many and made it accessible. It's truly a wonderful coming of age story for genderqueer and trans people. Their use of bilingual dialogue adds to the atmosphere and world of the play. Truly a gorgeous script.
  • Dust
    2 Apr. 2019
    A beautiful story that really captures family dynamics and what is left from our parents. So much can be revealed while cleaning up a house. Great characters and wonderful imagery.
  • sons that wear dresses and mothers that love sweet potatoes
    26 Mar. 2019
    God this play did NOT need to go this hard, but it did. And it is so worth the read. Every word selection, of space, every stage direction has flavor and it's so ripe You can feel it in your mouth. The characters are so distinct and have their own voices and it's heartbreaking and heartwarming and it's sweet. Like a sweet potato. If you can carve out an hour or two to read this, do it. Ii is well worth it
  • Stuck
    26 Mar. 2019
    Such a hilarious concept that has some power and a message to it. Katie was able to take such a simple idea and make it so much more. This script will have you laughing and thinking, which an great script will do. Worth the quick read