Recommended by Debra A. Cole

    29 Sep. 2022
    I love NYC bar stories, and this one was a LOVELY and graceful surprise. One character's life has stalled, and the other's life has changed for the better. Truly a wonderful piece about kindness and connections.
  • Claire's Invisibility Monologue
    29 Sep. 2022
    One can't help but feel Claire's pain after years of not being enough... not being male... Is her business success worth the price she paid growing up visible? A powerful piece for a seasoned actress.
  • A Humble Path [a monologue]
    29 Sep. 2022
    Okay... I need a drink to relax now...

    This gripping and tension-filled short play will have audiences on the edge of their seats. There is truly nothing creepier than a man "in control of his emotions" as he holds various weapons before you... knowing he will use them. This horrifying piece is a wonderful look of how a killer is made.
  • The Menu
    29 Sep. 2022
    WOW! What a way to go...

    If you could choose your own death, short and over quickly or long and drawn-out, what would you choose? Chris's Evite to a party is NOT what he was expecting. Our choices, our actions, and treatment of others... everything counts in this delightful devilish short play by CINDY SANONE-BRAFF.
  • The Lesson [a 1-minute play]
    29 Sep. 2022
    A beautiful minute between brothers and growing men. So much love, support, pain, and loss can be felt in this simple act of kindness.
  • Best Shot
    25 Sep. 2022
    I love plays that celebrate female empowerment, and RACHEL FEENY-WILLIAMS always delivers. This brother and sister rivalry will be familiar to audiences as they cheer Emily on through the football challenge. It's nice when young men make good decisions, and this friend group does not disappoint.
  • Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone, Alone [a 1-minute play]
    23 Sep. 2022
    A beautiful minute of pain and comfort. So many will connect.
  • The Incredible Holcomb
    21 Sep. 2022
    This tension filled short play has layers and layers of history, regrets, and true concern. MIKE RICE has created a world where we it's coming, but we are still disturbed when it finally arrives.
  • It's Just a Couch
    19 Sep. 2022
    I adored this fast-paced and witty interaction between a young couple in transition. The question is... is the transition just furniture?
  • Do You Have the Time?
    19 Sep. 2022
    What a perfect 1-2 minutes! THIS would be big hit at short play festivals. Two gifted actors would KILL this hilarious piece.