Recommended by Debra A. Cole

  • The Lady or The Tiger?
    22 Apr. 2022
    Fans of the original tale with be delighted with this new spin. I found myself totally engaged and excited for each new line of dialogue. Audiences will love these 10-minutes of drama, humor, and anticipation.
  • Places
    22 Apr. 2022
    All high school students play a part, and Martineau has captured the daily dance of teens.The "new kid" illustrates beautifully the confusion and unfair expectations of being other.
  • 10 Minutes
    21 Apr. 2022
    Mother/Daughter relationships can be a dance in the best circumstances, but where this duo currently finds themselves, the tension and pain is palpable. Humor disguises hurt, and violence covers for a loss of control.
  • Let Me Count the Ways
    21 Apr. 2022
    The pain of complicated mother/daughter relationships is a truly powerful thing. So much goes unsaid... or unheard. Nikki finally finds a way to share her truth but ultimately too late. These concepts and moments of dialogue would also be interesting as a monologue or a longer one act play. So many opportunities for relationship layers to be explored.
  • Starting Out Strong
    21 Apr. 2022
    What a ride! By "starting out strong", Barry gets exactly what he wants in the end by a simple coffee with a stranger sounding pretty tame by comparison to previous suggestions. The banter is clean, quick paced, and delightful. This would be a pleasure to see staged.
  • Stephanie. From the Posters.
    21 Apr. 2022
    What a ride of emotions. Marchant creates a world that has us judging one dad until a painful truth is revealed. These 10 minutes are beautiful and show a very natural interaction between two dads just trying to survive teenage girls.
  • The Pity Mourner (Ten Minute)
    21 Apr. 2022
    What a beautiful piece. The ten minutes felt natural, purposeful, and warm. I would love to see this on a stage. Audiences would love it.
  • Office Hours (A One Minute Play)
    20 Apr. 2022
    This one minute is real life and SO HORRIFYING! Martin takes being entitled and gave it a history and framework with very few words. Audiences will laugh out loud at these 60 seconds.
  • Point Blank
    20 Apr. 2022
    Borders, choices, consequences, and varying power perspectives drive the quick witted and cerebral journey through human nature. Just when I think it is the arrogance of two men/two countries/two faiths/two opponents driving the action, a wife comes along with refreshing wisdom only to fall into the same human trap in the end. Perhaps the child ultimately has the answers and the power.
  • Good Boy
    13 Apr. 2022
    A powerful minute with painful emotions that stay with an audience long beyond the 60 seconds. BRAVO with saying so much with so few words.