Recommended by David Strauss

  • The Monkey Suit
    28 Dec. 2020
    This is a wonderful piece which I directed a few years back. Funny, touching, and all about facing whether the choices we have made have put us where we wanted to be, and not assuming everyone else's life is as impressive as they seem. A good chance for two good actors to create a shared history in ten minutes.
  • (60-MINUTE DRAMEDY:) Enter, Pursued by a Whale
    2 Sep. 2018
    A wonderfully clever and engaging piece that makes you think and leaves you wanting more. Fantastically written.
  • (SHORT COMEDY:) Every Inch Counts
    21 Jul. 2015
    Having played Jeffrey, I'm in awe of just how much "Oh my God" reactions this gets from the audience as they laugh hysterically. It's a truly funny and unique play.
  • It's the Jews
    21 Jul. 2015
    This is simply one of the funniest ten minute plays I've ever seen.