Renee Schilling

Renee Schilling

Renee Schilling is a playwright from Cleveland, Ohio. Most of her plays live in her infrequently updated computer. (And a few live on here!) She was a 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow.

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  • To Fasten Your Seatbelt
    Follow Clementine as she tries to keep her airline job. There are sandwiches, mistaken bombs threats and sprite.
  • Tits
    When breasts and ovaries run amok, complaints will be filed, old friends will return, and new friends will be made.
  • “Blanche and Lousie with Their Eyes Turned Skyward”
    “Blanche and Lousie with Their Eyes Turned Skyward” By Renee Schilling and Emily Czarnota

    Avation history intended for a young audience. Told by two oft forgotten avation poineers. Join Blanche Wilcox Noyes and Louise Thaden as they retrace their record setting flight across the US!
  • Kafka in an Above Ground Pool
    A hilarious and heartfelt modern spin on Metamorphosis, highlighting the tragedy of above ground pools and social isolation.
  • Form I-485
    Based on actual US Immigration forms, this short 8-10 minute play examines the question we ask our potential residents.

    "A potential resident alien and their spouse are put to the test by immigration officers."

    First Production: Borderlight International and Fringe Festival, Cleveland Ohio 2019