Devon Hayakawa

Devon Hayakawa

Devon Hayakawa - BFA in Musical Theatre with Studies in Playwriting and Dramaturgy.
Currently Chicago-based.

Royalties for all plays can be negotiated.


  • Se Battre Pour L'Amour
    Lady-in-Waiting Thomasin Pratt wants to joust. Squire Miles Digby isn't quite sure he wants to teach.

    A ten-minute play set in 1384, "Se Battre Pour L'Amour" explores gender identity, sexuality, and societal expectations in a time surprisingly not too different from our own.
  • 9066
    Dorothy Brooks wasn't expecting any guests. She certainly wasn't expecting a nine-year-old Japanese girl with a suitcase to be standing just outside her front door.

    An exploration of what happened after Executive Order 9066 was suspended.
  • Emily/Emily
    A story about an Emily in love.
    Or rather, two Emilys in love in very different times.

  • Lily and Tessa's Super Star Show, Episode 37
    It's time for Lily and Tessa's Super Star Super Special Show, and they're going to revive all of their greatest hits (Avril Lavigne dance routines, Clueless monologues, and even some surprise poetry)! The only problem is that Lily still hasn't shown up yet...and Tessa might have to do the whole show alone.
  • Babylove
    The nightmares never seem to stop.
  • Because It Is Allowed
    Jamie and Laura have been attached at the hip since they were in kindergarten. But after last night...Jamie's not so sure things will stay the same.
  • Untold Story
    Henry Hall and Charlie Ito know everything there is to know about superheroes...except for how to be one.
  • When Tomorrow Starts
    In a small Northern California town, five high schoolers are left in shock when one of their closest friends unexpectedly commits suicide. The next day, the teenagers try to piece together their memories of Olivia in hopes of discovering why she killed herself. Will they be able to survive without Olivia, or will they fall apart at the seams?
  • Concrete Clouds
    Due to school budget cuts at a small high school, counseling is on the chopping block, forcing new counselor Mr. Harrison to try different methods in hope of improving the counseling program. He pairs high school students Dani and Ava together for peer counseling, and an unlikely friendship forms through painting, poetry, and unfortunate common ground.

    *rape and sexual assault trigger warning, mentioned never seen
  • Four Corners
    Blinding snow. Punching bags. Ocean waves. A field of sunflowers. The same story; four different sides.