Recommended by Emily Dendinger

  • Hunting BigFoot
    4 Nov. 2019
    I absolutely adore this play. Wildly absurd, hilarious, and sophisticated, this play is a radical exploration of the people, myths, tales, and legends that have defined and shaped America since from its birth. Incredibly imaginative, the play asks big questions about identity and ownership and how truth is shaped by story-telling. Can't wait to see this produced!
  • You'll Catch Flies
    22 Oct. 2019
    A deeply funny, satirical and occasionally melancholy look at a group of friends who have known each for ages and know just how to push each others buttons as they slowly come to realize just how much they have grown up and possibly grown apart. The dialogue is zippy and witty with a number of great one liners that had me chuckling out loud. Highly enjoyable!
  • Invincible Ones
    7 Oct. 2019
    This is a beautiful and hilarious play about friendship, life, real estate, annoying little brothers, and death. The story is deeply moving without ever falling into cliche or sentimentality with a cast of enjoyable characters that are well-crafted and complex. It's highly theatrical and a ton of fun with an ending that packs a whooper of an emotional punch.
  • Chicken.
    28 Aug. 2016
    I love this play. Smart, well-written with compelling, engaging characters all just trying to make sense of the world. I would love to see a production of this play someday!