Michael Brady

Michael Brady

Playwright and director. Works include TO GILLIAN ON HER 37th BIRTHDAY, widely produced; PIPELINE, 2019 10X10 New Play Festival, Barrington Stage Company. Michael currently manages Berkshire Voices for Great Barrington Public Theatre. GB Public is devoted to new play development and provides productions, readings, and a dedicated writers group to assist emerging and established playwrights in advancing work.


  • The Cafe Plays: Mitzvah with Donuts
    The Café Plays. Short plays featuring flexible casting, simple staging, and sharing a common set – a table and two chairs. The six plays can be presented as an evening, or as individual short plays.


    Two teens grapple with sex and Spanish homework. Is one of them serious about killing herself or is she just being a drama queen?
  • The Cafe Plays: If I Go First
    Harry and Lizzy have lived a good life together. But Lizzy is sick and in pain, and wants to exit on her own terms. It’s time to have The Talk.
  • The Cafe Plays: Pro Bono
    Sometimes you have to share a table with a stranger. His old jokes sound new. But your crisis is all your own.
  • The Cafe Plays: Relics
    How important is the old putter and chessboard Dad promised you? Pretty important, as it turns out. And, oh yeah, who gets to inherit the house?
  • The Cafe Plays: Drinks with the Boss
    There’s a newbie on the corporate team who’s reluctant to take credit where credit is due. Does she need some oomphing from the Queen Bee or good kick in the behind?
  • The Cafe Plays: Lunch With Dad
    Facing the immanent death of her father, a young singer turns to her music teacher for comfort. Together, they will experience something very different.
    Three activists prepare to guard the approach to a forest targeted for a controversial pipeline. When dawn comes with an unexpected confrontation, each must decide -- take a stand or step aside.