Recommended by Noah Diaz

  • Milk and Gall
    1 May. 2019
    Capturing the dizzying spirit, confusion, and heartbreak of November 8, 2016, this play is a rare example of how to write about and for a moment. Deeply political but never about politics, MILK AND GALL centers one woman (and what a woman she is!) as she journeys into motherhood and the impossible questioning around what it means to love something beyond yourself. Hilarious and provocative at every turn, I'm obsessed with this play's structure, its language and wordplay, and its inspired use of metaphor. Read this play! Produce this play!
  • Drown
    22 Apr. 2018
    I think the best thing I can say about this play is that I think about it often. Its beauty has stuck with me in ways that have been formative and inspirational to my own work. I often find myself telling others working in similar genres to find a copy of this play and learn from it.
  • Those Two Are Definitely Getting Murdered
    21 Apr. 2018
    This is one of the funniest comedies I've read in some time. The scope of its humor, its reach, is astoundingly astute and its tight structural mechanics only highlight the playwright's voice and skill.
  • In The Upper Room
    21 Apr. 2018
    A stunning, thrilling exploration of identity, generational mirrors, and the profoundly human task of teaching ourselves how to carry the weights our families ask us to bear. Beaufield has written a new kind of family drama that begs us to question what 'home' actually is, and I so look forward to seeing its story unfold onstage when this piece inevitably makes it way to multiple stages.