Recommended by Jean Koppen

  • Hey
    24 Jul. 2019
    Hey does exactly what I want a 10 minute play to do - it grabs you with an interesting set-up, entertains you with unique humor, and then wallops you at the end with a poignant message. The characterization of Calvin was hilarious. I would LOVE to see an actor delve into 50 (at least) different ways to say "hey." And Calvin's interactions with teen Wade, interspersed with Wade's arguing with his mother, in the underwear department, is completely relate-able. It's a cliche, but I actually did laugh and then, at the end, tear up. Well-done.
  • Mr. Bee-Zoo's Lunch
    24 Jul. 2019
    This play is delightful and timely. I loved all the fake Amazon references, but my favorite is "Inflexa"! It's wacky and fun to read and I imagine actors would have a great time bringing these three characters to life. I also love that our super-heroine is a librarian. Indeed!
    23 Jul. 2019
    Wow! This play tackles so many issues - sexism, assault, misogyny, relationships, trust - and weaves them seamlessly into an engaging story with well-drawn characters. I especially appreciate the playwright's ability to tackle such a serious subject within a play that has humor and light. From the moment the characters started speaking I could see it on stage. This is fantastic material for production.
    23 Jul. 2019
    There are so many recommendations for this play, and it's not hard to see why. From the opening monologue I was riveted. I loved the interplay of all three characters, and how Carnes uses the well-known Sally and Jefferson story to illuminate the cycle of violence against women.
  • FUKT
    22 Jul. 2019
    Reading this play was an emotional experience. I felt an allegiance to each perspective, and I felt their conflict between wanting to reveal the truth and wanting to bury the pain. I appreciated how the moments of humor and the addresses to the audience artfully help ease the tension without distraction. Many of the reviews use the word "brave" to describe FUKT and I agree. The characters open their veins- and not in a pretty trickle of blood down the side of the bathtub way. It's messy, and ugly, and unflinchingly real.
  • Blue
    14 Jun. 2019
    Blue is about memory and brokenness. How we create our past to fit our hearts. As I read the play I could feel the tension and emotion rising. I love when theater makes me feel strongly, like Blue does. Beautifully human.
  • Recognition
    26 Mar. 2019
    I think this is a highly produce-able piece which will give an older actress lots of material to work with. It's engrossing and heart wrenching to see her suffer through something we all fear. I love the set up too. A unique piece!
  • Heart in a Box
    26 Mar. 2019
    This play touched my heart. It's a beautiful piece of theater, all the more poignant as the story is told without dialogue. Audiences will be able to identify with the main character and his longing. Beautifully written. Highly recommend!!!
  • Hoot-Nanny
    29 Aug. 2018
    Ms. Adaway has a sharp and dark sense of humor on full-display here. The sibling rivalry here is grounded in reality, although it is hilariously turned up to "11". Indeed the craziest things happen at funerals.
  • Around the Snake Turn
    29 Aug. 2018
    It's easy to see why this play was an O'Neil semi-finalist and Henley Rose finalist. Around the Snake Turn is beautifully written. The conflicts are layered and complicated and the emotion is real. What I loved the most was being transported to a world outside anything I know and yet the relationships are completely relatable. I think my favorite part of ATST is the dialogue for the young daughter- it is sweet and heart-breaking.