Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

Much of my work concerns youth. It often centers young people and young ideas and embraces how messy they may be. It's no coincidence that many of my plays delve into fantastical or pseduo-fantastical worlds and styles. My commitment is to make these delights accessible to all.

Before theatre, my childhood refuge were such fantasies. In books, video games, and movies I found a strange place to call home. But I was privileged that these stories often centered a character that looked rather like me. Even in the most imaginative worlds crafted over decades, there still was a lack of representation across identity. This is a problem. Fantasy, and the ability to dream beyond one’s own self, should not be the hegemony of white cis-men.

My work also is in love with the artist. Stripping that title of inaccessibility and winding its possibility. The every-artist lives in all my characters.

My plays are influenced by my identity, the people who shape me, and the ideas that keep me up at night. I start every play with a sentence. Such as "the children are heroes, the heroes are not children."

And my work comes with a promise. Of genuine care and attention. My plays should suit you in the moment you produce them. If a pronoun or phrase or entire second act no longer serves the current moment--tell me. Let's work on it together.