Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

I try to write plays that can only be plays. Plays that experiment with narrative and form; plays that feel a little unexpected, a little dangerous, and best performed live, in a communal space, in real time.

I try to infuse my plays with magic. To create worlds in which anything can happen: where people can jump back and forth through time, mannequins can come to life, humans can live underwater.

I try to seek out stories that no one else is telling—stories about complicated women, voiceless communities, historical events that have been all but forgotten.

Most importantly, though, I try to ground my plays in human recognition and empathy, using real, honest characters to anchor them. After all, the whole point of storytelling is to help us connect with something within each other and ourselves.

The theatre, for me—both as audience member and artist—has always been a place of possibility. Of opportunity. Of inclusion, fantasy, sanctuary...of revolution. And in that sense, I believe a play should be, at its core, an invitation. It should say, "Come in, sit down, I have a story to share."

And so, I want to continue telling unique stories in new, theatrical ways. To explore the impulses of empathy and connection that bring us together in those darkened rooms in the first place. And to invite in anyone who’d like to listen.