Recommended by John Scavone

  • The Taste of Emeralds
    29 Apr. 2022
    A dark insight into how a person can carry so much more history than just her own past, and in a misguided attempt to unburden herself, lay it in a festering heap on those closest to her. Riveting from start to finish.
  • Iago
    27 Jan. 2022
    Please read this play, especially if you're a producer of Shakespeare, it's so very well-conceived and executed. The author's reworking of Othello brings us a story equally captivating, meaningful and timeless.
  • By Reason of Sanity
    6 Dec. 2021
    What would a friend do to free a friend, when that friend can't or won't free herself? Blake spins two twisted threads into a suspenseful straight line to truths most people would never admit are in their hearts. An excellent examination of the tragic psychological effects of domestic abuse.
  • Luck
    6 Dec. 2021
    This play zeroes in on frustration, with each character expressing his or her own brand of it. The author makes us feel it with them, illustrating his contention that nuance leads to thoughtfulness (and thus deeper understanding) of the most difficult of our societal problems. Luck and its companion pieces would make for a thought-provoking evening of theatre.
  • Middle of the World
    28 Oct. 2021
    World politics set on a very personal stage. Mr. Alfonso is a master craftsman, I learned a lot of "how-to" by reading this intricately woven piece. It's subtly moving and exposes people on all rungs of the ladder as being nothing more than human. Thank you to those whose recommendations led me to find it.
    25 Oct. 2021
    Beautifully balanced characters drive a fascinating plot line. Henry deftly weaves a conflict between siblings with the characters' self conflicts, layering the whole with very human qualities of love, selfishness and doubt, a sprinkling of humor and a mystery. Extremely well done.